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Campaigning for an open, accountable and responsible tourism industry in Burma/Myanmar
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The establishment of Tourism Transparency has been financed by our Founder’s private resources. With the initial funds, Andrea and her partner Myo set up Tourism Transparency e.V., a fully registered NGO in Germany (VR 17462). During the past two years, we have been very active in Myanmar. We have facilitated workshops and awareness raising seminars about the impacts of tourism, we have conducted plenty of research to better understand the most pressing issues in Myanmar tourism, and we have participated in various conferences to learn and lobby on policy and legal issues related to tourism development in Myanmar. Throughout this process, we have been very lucky to receive support in-kind by a variety of wonderful and very talented volunteers. Without their support, we would never have reached were we are today.

In 2012 Tourism Transparency’s first bigger project inside Myanmar - the Dos and Don’ts for Tourists Myanmar - was funded by the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany (HSF), who is the principal supporter of Myanmar’s Responsible Tourism Policy (2012) and Myanmar’s Policy on Community Involvement in Tourism (2013). The Dos and Don’ts project was the first implementation action from the Responsible Tourism Policy. After the successful launch of the Dos and Don’ts booklet at the end of 2012, we have further developed the Dos and Don’ts Sponsorship scheme, with which we are mobilizing private sector partners to pledge their commitment for Responsible Tourism. We are currently in the process of generating a small working budget that is being re-invested in printing more booklets, posters and other merchandise to distribute to visitors through various outlets in Myanmar. In the future, we hope to generate income to independently finance responsible tourism activities for the Myanmar communities that often bear the largest impact of tourism yet whose voices are rarely heard.

However, our current financial situation can be described as unsustainable at best. We need your assistance. Given the immense impact that tourism will cause in Myanmar very soon, we need to fund responsible tourism awareness-raising campaigns and we need to conduct research studies that bring transparency to where tourists’ money goes in Myanmar. To help us establish community-based tourism projects on the ground, we also need your kind help. Your donation will take us a step closer towards our goal. Any donations you can spare are greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our planned activities. Thank you.


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